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Title: Friendly Advice
Fandom: Cardcaptor Sakura
Characters: Sakura, Syaoran, Eriol. (No Sakura here)
Phrase #1: Subdue your passion or it will subdue you - Horace
Warnings/Ratings: None, G rated
Synopsis: Eriol has advice. Syaoran would prefer that he keep it to himself, thank you very much.

Friendly Advice

Syaoran Li did not know why he was standing on the doorstep of Eriol Hiiragazawa’s house. Well, that wasn’t true. He knew why; it was because Eriol had asked him to come over at 4:00 that afternoon. But he didn’t know why her was there, didn’t know what crazy part of him had decided to actually do as Eriol asked.

It was that thought exactly that left him posed on the steps, unwilling to knock on the door until he had convinced himself that it was safe to do so, or talked himself out of the whole ordeal (and it would be an ordeal) and went home. The argument for going home was long and convincing, and Li was about to turn around to do just that when (to his horror) the door swung open wide.

“It’s 4:01. You’re late.”

Nakuru was giving him a look of death, hands on her hips in disapproval.

Li considered for a moment debating that statement with her, considering he had probably been standing out on those steps for a good two or three minutes and was therefore not actually late, but thought better of it. There were some fights you simply did not pick.

Nakuru moved aside, still glowering, and allowed him to enter the house. Li slipped off his shoes and made his way down the hall. Spinel floated past, thankfully far less caustic than Nakuru had been.

“Eriol and Tomoyo are in the living room,” the Guardian announced in a bored tone, gesturing to a room just to the right. Syaoran nodded in thanks, mentally noting Tomoyo’s presence with dismay.

With a deep breath, he entered the room. Tomoyo smiled at him, not unkindly, and Eriol had the grace to at least looked amused.

“Welcome,” he said. “Please, come in and have a seat. Daidouji-san and I have something to discuss with you.”

Li walked stiffly to the nearest chair, thankfully as far from the two of them as he could possibly get, and stared until Tomoyo finally broke the silence.

“Eriol-kun has some concerns,” she began delicately. “We have something that you have seen, but we want you to see it again.”

She rose to her feet then, and walked over to Eriol’s television set. Removing a tape from it’s cardboard case, she slid it into the VCR and hit play.

The scene was dark, and Li instantly recognized the park with the King Penguin slide.

The horror of what he was watching dawned on him then, as Sakura came into focus wearing a sheep costume. He watched transfixed as the battle (of sorts) played out, and as his TV counterpart ran forward to bang on the invisible barrier.

“No! Sakura!” His fists made distorted pounding noises on the tape.

Syaoran sat in silence as the tape wound to a close. He waited until Tomoyo had hit the stop button before speaking.

“That was over a year ago. Why show me that again now?”

“Because,” Eriol said in a tone that implied he was speaking to a rather impudent child, “You need to take a good hard look at yourself.”

“You love Sakura,” Tomoyo put in. Her tone was matter-of-fact. “But Eriol-kun is worried that you are too impulsive in regards to her.”

When Li opened his mouth to speak, Eriol cut him off with a raise of his hand. “You are dating the most powerful magician in the world,” the bespectacled boy informed him as though Li didn’t already know this. “And you cannot fight her battles for her.”

“You have great passion for her,” Eriol continued before Syaoran could but in. “But with that passion comes responsibility. You must keep yourself out of danger. Trust that she can take care of herself. Don’t be so eager to play the hero. Subdue your passion, or it will subdue you,” he finished with the warning.

“Do you two have nothing better to do than interfere with my life?”

Had Sakura been there, she would no doubt have taken Eriol’s smile for benevolent. Li translated it as the cat that not only ate the canary, but got away with it too. “Quite the contrary,” he assured Li, tone full of righteous indignation at the very suggestion. “I have numerous things that I could be doing. I just thought we could use this as a sort of...Bonding experience. Man to man and all. Daidouji-san agreed to help me.”

Li had grown up considerably since the time that film was made, but he still felt the same urges he once had to rearrange Eriol’s face. He was careful not to smile at the thought though. Daidouji seemed to have an odd talent and reading his thoughts and he didn’t want to share that particularly delicious vision with her.

He stood to his feet instead, deciding to beat a hasty retreat before Eriol found something else to throw in his face.

“I’ll think about this,” I assured him, silently adding Over my dead rotting corpse. “Thank you,” he choked out as well.

“You’re quite welcome. Always glad to offer a little friendly advice,” Eriol intoned sweetly.

Syaoran bid them farewell and exited the room. Eriol watched his progress down the front sidewalk from the living room window. The boy was walking stiffly, clearly miffed by the who incident. Which was, of course, the whole point.

“Sometimes I wonder if he isn’t right about you,” Tomoyo said to his back.

“If you are referring to the utter joy I experience by making him uncomfortable, you are correct,” Eriol. “However, seeing as I am the relative that lives closest to him, I have taken it upon myself to be a sort of…Brother.”

“Or bother,” Tomoyo quipped back, but she sounded amused.

Eriol turned to her now, smiling. “Yes. I suppose you could say that I like being a bother. It’s a passion of mine, I’m afraid.”

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