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phrase #49 - you look gorgeous; tamakixkaoru.

Title: Lucky Scarlet
Fandom: Ouran High School Host Club
Characters: Tamaki/Kaoru, the rest of the Host Club, but they aren't super main.
Phrase: #49; You look gorgeous.
Warnings/Rating: Kaoru in a maid well it could be waitress but maid came to mind first outfit, but I believe that's about it. 8D? So I'd say PG at the very most. I also like making Kaoru ukelicious. So. MOE~~~.
Synopsis Kaoru had to be the luckiest Host ever. By pulling the red stick, he got to be the odd man out. The needle in the haystack. He got to be the maid. Joyyyy.

It was official. Kaoru hated everyone, sans Hikaru. He hated Haruhi, he hated Kyouya, Hani-senpai, Mori-senpai, and most of all, he hated Tamaki. Well, mainly he hated luck. Lucky him, he drew the red stick. The red stick meant...

...he had to wear a maid costume, while the other Hosts were waiters.

He huffed slightly, golden-brown eyes narrowing into the mirror of the changing room. The redhead fixed his bangs, tilting the maid headband on top of his head. Everything had to be perfect, Kyouya had told him. Perfect. So, Kaoru took the time before the after school Club started for the day. It was only a day, but the younger Hitachiin twin knew it would be an awfully long day. A day full of dread and girls squealing. Not like that didn't happen almost every day, but that day...would be different. He was in a dress, alone. Everyone was in waiter suits but him? No. He had to be lucky.

"Kaoruuuu~. Are you coming out anytime soon?" Hikaru asked, his identical voice echoing. A soft sigh fell from Kaoru's lips as he fixed the apron. A nod and he twirled, pushing back the curtains to face the other Hosts. There was silence, Hikaru trying not to burst out laughing, Kyouya pushing up his glasses, Mori and Haruhi being indifferent. The only two to show any liking to the costume were Hani and Tamaki. Hani didn't necessarily count, since it was expected of him to like cute things. The thing that wasn't expected was the crimson blush on Tamaki's face, the male covering his mouth with his hand as he looked away from the young male.

"This. Is stupid," Kaoru growled, a hand moving to rub embarrassingly at his other arm. His eyes looked at the floor, Hikaru finally losing control and laughing at his twin, walking over to pat him on the back. The younger looked up to shoot a stabbing glare, the older backing away nervously. He rolled his eyes and sighed, looking up at the ceiling as he crossed his arms. "Okay, does everyone honestly have to have a staring contest with this cos--"

"SO CUTE~!!" one of them squealed, and before Kaoru could close his mouth, he found himself in an extremely tight embrace. The younger squeaked in surprise, finding it awkward to be in Tamaki's arms. At the moment he definitely hated the other. He tried pushing the blond off, but finding it no use. Both were blushing, the older male nuzzling Kaoru slightly, the Hitachiin looking away with an angered look. "You look gorgeous~."

"G-gorgeous!? A-ah tono, can you let go? You're squeezing too tight. Please let go," he whispered faintly, blushing heavily as he still didn't dare look into sapphire blue eyes of happiness. A nod and he was set down, Hikaru letting out a 'hmph' noise as he walked to his designated spot, the other Hosts going to the main Third Music Room to sit at their stations. Kaoru was about to follow his brother, before Tamaki took the younger's hand and pulled him back into his arms.

"You really are gorgeous, Kaoru."

It was a gentle hug, the younger still stunned as he flushed red. Tamaki let go, patting the redhead on the top of his head before he started walking. The blond paused, turning to wink before he went to go to his own station.

Kaoru was left confused and scarlet, his eyes looking at the place where the other stood. He sighed, fixed the top of his head, and moved to skip just once, walking daintly over to his own place as he composed himself, ready for a day of blackmail photos from Kyouya, an embarrassing Act with his twin, and squealing fangirls. A smile traveled over his face as he sat down next to his brother, looking over at Tamaki and winking back.

It was official.

He didn't hate Tamaki.
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