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Phrase #29

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Title: Group Therapy
Fandom: Cardcaptor Sakura
Characters: Sakura, Syaoran, Eriol.
Phrase #29: "We all need a little trauma" - Isabel - Ego Likeness
Warnings/Ratings: None, G rated
Synopsis: Tomoyo drags the group in for some therapy. The therapist is the one that may end up in counseling.

Group Therapy

It was by far the most usually therapy session ever conducted. Akane Komoji – that was the name of the flustered therapist – had never witnessed anything like it.

The call for the appointment had come in that morning. The young woman on the phone was very matter-of-fact about the issue. She said that the patients needed to sit down and work out their differences, and that she felt a good session with a therapist would be helpful to the process. She promised to pay well, certainly more than Akane was used to receiving, so she decided that the session would be worth it despite the caller’s cryptic warning that the patients were a bit odd.

When 10:30 rolled around that morning, Akane was waiting with slight trepidation in her office. The door opened, revealing a stately girl. She introduced herself – Tomoyo Daidouji – and said that she would be entrusting her companions into Akane’s no doubt capable hands.

Then she turned to the others, the three of which were group behind her looking nervous, sullen, and amused, respectively, and said to no one in particular that she would be in the waiting room when they were done. Her tone was light, but only lightly veiled that she would use force if one of them tried to make a break for it. Akane felt a pang of nervousness hit her stomach.

When Tomoyo had swept out of the room, the other three sat down. Sakura Kinomoto and Syaoran Li took seats on the plush, overused couch on one side. In the arm chair across from them perched the boy introducing himself as Eriol Hiraiigazawa. Akane took a chair off to the side and between them.

“Now that we all know each other,” she ventured, “Why don’t you tell me why you are here.”

“Well, Tomoyo-chan thought it could be a good idea is we came together with an outside party to discuss what has been going on,” Sakura offered tentatively. Next to her, Syaoran seemed to be muttering darkly about blackmail. Eriol simply looked amused.

“And what has been going on?” Akane wasn’t sure she wanted the answer to that question.

“What’s been going on is that he-” Syaoran interjected his words with a pointed finger at Eriol “-couldn’t just die and let well enough alone. He had to split his soul and come back and cause trouble for everyone!”

“Trouble?” Eriol managed to look entirely offended, though there was a trace of amusement in his voice. “I’m quite certain I don’t have the faintest idea what you are talking about. I was simply trying to –”

“Yeah, yeah, help us out,” Syaoran finished for him in annoyance. Before Akane could reprimand him for interrupting Eriol when he was trying to talk, he launched into yet another diatribe about how much of a nuisance the other boy had been. Sakura, to her credit, seemed rather ashamed of the whole exchange.

Syaoran noticed this, and turned to her in exasperation. “You know how hard this was, even if he was just helping in his own twisted way.”

She look from him, to the therapist, to Eriol uncertainly. “It has been a little traumatic, I guess,” she said finally.

Syaoran gave a triumphant “hmph” noise, but his victory was cut short when Eriol calmly replied, “We all need a little trauma. Where would she be without it?” He gestured to Sakura. “Where would you be without it? Back in Hong Kong by now, no doubt.”

“We could have done it without you,” Syaoran argued. “How hard could changing a few cards be? I could have helped her. She’s got enough magical power on her own, there was no need for you to come poking around and stirring up more trouble than you’re worth!”

“Magic...Power?” The therapist’s overwhelmed voice brought them all back to reality. “Changing cards?” She was blinking at all of them in disbelief.

The office door swung open, and Tomoyo was suddenly there, her presence seeming to fill the room. “I heard shouting,” she said, casting Li a disparaging look.

“I think we are done for the day,” Akane said hastily, shuffling some papers and make it look like she had done more than sit there and gape at her patients.

“Oh, good,” Tomoyo said with a smile, and they all stood up swiftly to follow her out. “I’ll call to make another appointment. Thank you so much!”

And as quickly as they had come, they were gone. Akane made a note to check for any history of mental illness in their families. It was one of the most traumatic sessions she had ever experienced, with all the shouting and magic references, so she wanted to make sure that these kids were mentally stable.

If they were, then maybe she was the one loosing her mind.

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