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Phrase #21 - "The Big Picture"

Title: The Big Picture
Fandom: XXXHOLiC
Characters: Clow and Yuuko
Phrase: #21. Next “Call no man happy before he dies”--Herodotus
Warnings/Ratings: G
Synopsis: “Silly old man,” she chuckled. “You couldn’t be unhappy if you tried.”

The Big Picture


The night was warm and quiet. There was silence all around, a great change after the last few hours; but, even at Clow’s house, parties ended. All of the Cards were back to their sealed forms. Both Cerberus and Yue had gone inside, tired after such a noisy evening. Soel and Larg had fallen asleep on the wizard’s lap, once they heard the stories behind every constellation that sparked their interest.

“Finally. I thought they’d never stop pointing up,” Yuuko sighed, leaning back against the sakura tree.

“Curiosity is a very good quality,” he replied with his usual smile. “I think I’ll show them my celestial atlas tomorrow.”

“You never get tired either, do you?” she laughed. “I didn’t think you’d have the patience to deal with kids like these. But I have to admit, you look happier than ever when you’re reading with them.”

Clow took a moment to reply. His expression was thoughtful as he stared at the Mokonas, who slept peacefully using the many layers of his robes as covers.

“You know,” he said at last, “Herodotus once wrote, call no man happy before he dies.”

The witch rolled her eyes at him and put down her glass.

“If you’re going to get this depressing, I’m out of here.”

“I was going to say he was wrong,” he told her. He was smiling again when he looked up. “I’ve been very happy, all things considered. And it’s only fair to say that, in the last few years, my happiness has had a lot to do with you,” he finished with a polite nod in her direction.

“Silly old man,” she chuckled. “You couldn’t be unhappy if you tried.”

“Oh, I’ve had my moments,” he said. “But in the end, they are only that, aren’t they? Just moments. The big picture is quite pleasant, in spite of a few tiny flaws here and there.”

This time Yuuko laughed out loud. He blinked, confused, and she shook her head before explaining her reaction.

“Can’t you see? You’re just proving my point!” she said. “You are an incurable optimist, Clow Reed.”

Just like the girl, she thought. But she knew better than saying that aloud. The slightest mention of his successor was enough to put Clow in the mood for neverending speeches, and it was much too late at night to hear him ramble.

Of course, his smile grew even wider.

“That is hardly a flaw, my dear,” he replied. “Quite the contrary. You won’t find many people who haven’t grown cynical at my age.”

“I won’t find many people of your age at all, you geezer,” she laughed, and stood up to leave before he could make any comments about her age.

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