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Phrase #1 - "Comes With the Job"

Title: Comes With the Job
Fandom: XXXHOLiC
Characters: Clow and Yuuko
Phrase: #1. "Subdue your passion or it will subdue you"--Horace
Warnings/Ratings: PG
Synopsis: Watanuki's purpose in life was already decided.


Comes With the Job

How do you always manage to end up with a hangover?”

Yuuko glared at the wizard with all the strength she could muster. In her current state, it wasn't much, but at least she was stating her point.

How do you always manage to ask the obvious?” she muttered.

Clow sighed and shook his head at her. He looked very much like a disappointed teacher, as he often did in these cases. Not that he had any moral high ground, of course – and yet he acted as if he had absolutely nothing to be ashamed of. It was unnerving. He'd drunk just as much as her, the previous night.

You really should learn how to control yourself. It's for your own good,” he pointed out, as if he was talking to a little child. “You know what they say: subdue your passion or it will subdue you.”

Honestly,” she said, rolling her eyes at him, “this is hardly the time to start quoting your stupid Chinese proverbs at me.”

That isn't Chinese! It's Horace!” he exclaimed, obviously appalled by her mistake. She snorted.

Well, forgive me for my terrible ignorance,” she told him. “Not everyone has had all the time in the world to memorize his whole library.”

Yuuko, my dear,” he replied, with the shadow of an already dangerous grin, “you aren't that young.”

That's it. You're dead,” she snarled at him. “As soon as I can stand up.”

Oh, but you don't want to kill me,” said Clow.

He was still smiling shamelessly. Even worse, the cheeky bastard dared to sit next to her on the sofa. What made him think he had a right to take up precious space?

I wouldn't be so sure if I were you,” she said, as threatening as she could. All he did was raise his eyebrows.

Really?” he asked. “And who's going to take care of you when you have a hangover, then?”

Yuuko smirked.

How about another four-eyed dork?”

Now, that's just mean,” he said. “Not everyone can put up with you in this state. The poor boy doesn't deserve that kind of work.”

You're still smiling, Clow,” she pointed out.

Well, I never said it wouldn't be funny,” he admitted, his grin even wider. Yuuko stared at him for a moment.

... you can be very evil when you want to,” she mused at last.

 Clow pushed his glasses up his nose, with a mischievous gleam on his eyes.

Perhaps,” he said. “But he doesn't need to know that.”

Oh, not so fast, my friend,” Yuuko told him, smirking even more. “I'll make sure he does.”

For some reason, Clow didn't seem terribly upset about the idea.

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