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Title: Lost
Fandom: Cardcaptor Sakura
Characters: Sakura, Syaoran, Eriol.
Phrase #23: Next time, I lead and you follow.
Warnings/Ratings: None, G rated
Synopsis:  Same old rivalry. Chalk up a point for Eriol.


“I can’t believe this.” Li had been repeating that phrase or some variation of it for the past ten minutes or so. It was only his grace as a martial artist that stopped him from crashing into Sakura as she reached the end of the hall and looked left to right trying to decide on a path.

“Um...” She was cute when she was confused, but even that was beyond the notice of the fuming Li.  He crossed his arms and was glowering at the wall as though if it did not help them that very instant he would brandish a fire scroll at it.

“This is ridiculous. I can’t even believe that we are lost.”

“We are not lost,” Sakura defended indignantly, though she didn’t sound like she was ready to convince anyone.

“How many years have you two been best friends? Don’t you know your way around Daidouji’s house by now?”

Sakura made a “Hoe...” noise under her breath and finally made a decision to ignore Li and take a right. He trailed behind her, amazed that they could manage to get themselves lost in a house, even if Daidouji’s house was huge.

“Next time, I lead and you follow,” Li asserted after a moment of silence. “If there is a next time, which there may not be because we may just be lost here until we starve to death.”

“My my, that’s awfully grim.”

Sakura wheeled around, looking immensely relieved to hear the familiar voice.

Li, on the other hand, froze in dismay. After a long moment, he turned slowly as though he were about to see the bloody ghost of Christmas past.

Eriol stood behind them, positively beaming. Sakura attributed that to be fact that he was pleased to have found them. Syaoran knew at once it was because Eriol relished the thought of helping Syaoran when he couldn’t help himself.

“I should hope it wouldn’t come to you two starving to death. Eventually I am sure you would have happened upon the kitchen.”

“Eriol-kun, do you know the way to the living room from here,” Sakura asked, practically prancing towards him and regarding him in a way that Li thought mirror a lost puppy. Again, very cute, but lost in him at the moment.

“But of course,” Eriol assured her kindly, but he was looking at Li. The great magician offered Sakura his arm politely, and led her of down the hallway. He didn’t have to address Syaoran for the message to be painfully clear.

You lose, my dear descendent.

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