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Phrase #42 - "Living Creatures"

Title: Living Creatures
Fandom: XXXHOLiC
Characters: Clow and Yuuko
Phrase: #50. I won't let anything happen to you.
Warnings/Ratings: G
Synopsis: So... what happened to the goo that wanted to be human?
Notes: This one is based on a scene from the Mokona = Modoki book. Long story short: The Mokonas make some kind of purple goo as a present for Clow and Yuuko. They made it with stuff they found at Clow's house, so it turned out to be alive. We never found out what happened to it... so here it goes. :)

Living Creatures

Well,” said Clow, once Soel and Larg had left the room. “This is a problem.”

No, really? I'd never have noticed –”

Shh, don't talk in such a harsh tone. You're going to upset it even more,” he interrupted her.

Carefully, he ran a finger accross the cold surface of the glass jar he was holding. The purple goo inside of it seemed to calm down a little, but it was still talking in its own way, always repeating what it'd been saying since the Mokonas brought it. I want to be human soon. Yes, it was truly going to be a problem...

Yuuko rubbed her temples and sighed.

Look,” she said. “I'd love to give you a lecture on how this is all your fault, but we don't have time for that. We should do something about this before... well. You know.”

I know,” he replied grimly. That vital force had to be channeled into something viable, or else it'd fade away. They couldn't let that happen.

So, any ideas?” she insisted, her arms crossed. “Or are you just going to stare at it until it's too late?”

The purple goo shook a little, nervous. It seemed it was beginning to suspect what would happen to it if they didn't hurry.

Don't worry. I won't let anything happen to you,” he told it softly. Then he turned to Yuuko and frowned. “You shouldn't talk to it like that. You're scaring it.”

I'm trying to help, Clow,” she pointed out.

Well, you could use kinder words,” he told her. “It's like our grandchild, in a way.”

There was a moment of uncomfortable silence.

That,” Yuuko said at last, “has to be the absolute worst thing you could have said right now, Clow Reed. I can't begin to explain how many levels of wrong there are in that sentence.”

Good, because we're in a hurry,” he replied. “So, what shape is it going to be?”

I want to be human, it repeated.

I know,” Yuuko told it (in a much softer voice, he noticed), “but I'm afraid you're too small for that. It'll have to be something else.”

Something small and purple,” Clow said thoughtfully. “How about a bird? Would you like that?”

Do you have to put wings on everything?” she muttered under her breath. He ignored her.

All right, it said after a moment's consideration. Clow smiled. He took it out of the jar to place it on the palm of his hand and modelled it for a while, until he was satisfied with the results. Then he let go.

The little bird flew around them a couple of times and then zoomed through an open window.

I wonder how are we going to tell Soel and Larg that we lost their present,” he sighed, as he watched it fly away.

They won't mind, I think. Everyone's happy, so they will be too,” Yuuko assured him. Then she gave him a meaningful look. “So... grandchild?”

In a way, yes.”

Your brain needs fixing,” she said. “Let's have a drink.”

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