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Title: Advice for First Dates
Fandom: Naruto.
Characters: Hanabi Hyuuga & Kiba Inuzuka.
Phrase: #49: You look gorgeous.
Warnings/Ratings: G.
Synopsis: Kiba acts on some advice. Hanabi is suspicious.

"You look gorgeous."

She raises an eyebrow.


"That sounds entirely unlike you."


Hanabi does not apparently find this worthy of any more words, and only stares.

"Fine!" Kiba throws up his hands before shoving them in his pockets. "That's what, y'know, Shino suggested."

"I didn't come here with Aburame," Hanabi points out, crossing her arms.

"He's right, though. You do look gorgeous." This doesn't appear to have much effect, until Kiba leans back, tilting his head as he considers her, that entirely too wolfish grin spreading across his face. "Good enough to eat."

That, apparently, sounds enough like him that she is willing to take his arm and go to the festival with him. The flushed cheeks are just a bonus.
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